ZAN Solutions is now offering e-commerce retail solutions. These solutions are customized to suit the requirements of your particular business. Our team of dedicated professionals enables you to boost your online sales and improve market visibility. This is done via accelerated work and result-oriented strategy implemented on your e-store. It also allows you to lower your operational costs and deliver better customer service.

  • Other tools to be considered

    Facebook campaigns (possible for any budget as per the client’s requirements)
    Google AdWords campaigns (same as above)
    Magazine advertisements and other print mediums

    Other tools to be considered
  • Work plan

    Phase 1
    Development of an e-store for the client
    (One-time development and design cost – no monthly related to maintenance or backend support)

    Phase 2
    Social Media Management & Marketing
    (Key to the success of the e-store is that it is advertised heavily – based on a monthly budget allocated by the client – to push sales via social media. The most effective social media platform for this purpose is Facebook. – Additionally, Instagram can be offered as a social media platform too).

    Phase 3
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    (The concept of SEO has gained massive popularity across the world. Search Engines continue to remain the biggest source of traffic onto any website. Therefore, it is essential to push the website up in search results as well)

    Work plan
  • Set of services

    • Backend Management Support
    • Hosting/Maintenance Support
    • Customer Service
    • Online/Digital Marketing

    Our e-commerce retail solutions are customized to ensure that they meet the requirements of your business. Not only that, customization of the e-commerce retail solutions also allows us, and the client, to streamline things according to the business size and the market outreach goals

    Other tools to be considered